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Tips How to Buy

When it comes into selecting an item before buying it, the first thing we look at is the appearances. We choose the perfect shape, beautiful or attractive color, texture, and even the smell. All of these elements are as important as its price.

However, selecting the right bird nest is quite interesting and unique. We can’t look at the outward appearance only. There are many bird nest products that look very good, “real-look” from outside, yet the inside they are fake or man-mixed products.

We will know whether the quality of bird nest is real or man-made products, good or bad, after we cook it.

Here are few points that need to be kept in your mind when purchasing bird nest:

  1. The real, pure bird nest color is not real white, but grayish or yellowish. If there is a white color bird nest in the market, find the one that is thin and pretty clean because a harvester picks the bird nest while it is still young. Thus, be careful to select the real white color one. Some well-known brands, because they want to sell their products in a big quantity, they pay less attention to the quality.

  2. When bird nest is immersed in the water for about 1-1.5 hour, it should not break up into small pieces but it will be shredded in a long shape. And the water will remain clear.

  3. When bird nest is cooked for about 40-45 minutes, it expands and becomes soft. However, the smell still remains (bird nest genuine smells).